Tim is a dynamic speaker that delivers actionable advice with a heartfelt message. His talks are consistently rated highly and he’s regularly invited back to speak.

Topics Include:

Your First 1000 Copies

Most authors sell less than 250 copies of their book. How can an author break out of obscurity, connect with readers and sell their first 1000 copies? Through working with over 100 authors across all genres, Tim has learned the practical step-by-step system that any author can use to be successful.

Marketing with a Heart

Marketing and sales are often seen as a skeezy, slimy task that artists and creatives hate. Tim redefines what marketing is and shares how it can be a fun and exciting while increasing profit as well.

The Connection System

What are the three pieces that every online platform needs? Tim shares how artists, writers and creatives of all types can connect with their audience and increase sales in an ethical and fun way.