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I’ve been working with Out:think for several years and they’ve been truly outstanding — professional, responsive, and creative. I consider them one of my most important publishing partners.

Dan Pink

New York Times bestselling author of To Sell is Human and Drive

I recommend Out:think's services without hesitation. They are skilled coders, online marketers, writers and designers, all wrapped up in one package. They are endlessly curious, and their integrity is beyond question. Whatever you want to do, and however you want to promote it, they can help you get there better, faster and smarter.

Nicole Hunn

Gluten-Free Blogger and Cookbook Author

The folks at Outthink are creative, responsive, efficient, strategic and knowledgeable. In short, they are really really good at their jobs.

AJ Jacobs

AJ Jacobs, NYT Bestselling Author
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Their ideas were fresh , the people were direct, they understood the power of the new book, and showed a total commitment to the project. They really took the time to figure out a visual approach from what we were trying to convey. I continue to think they do superb work. My book and I are very happy.

Peter Georgescu

Author, Capitalists, Arise! and The Constant Choice

Out:think is more than just a web design company. Joseph and his team have put together a one stop shop for a beautiful online presence but also an online strategy that can grow your brand and your audience. They are one of the biggest players on my team.

David Burkus

Author, The Myths of Creativity and Under New Management
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE- SEPTEMBER 29- Kevin Pho, MD,  has become a prominent healthcare commentator after he launched his blog, KevinMD.com, in 2004.  He is shown in his office in Nashua, New Hampshire, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.   (Photo by Aynsley Floyd/Getty Images for Health Leaders)

Out:think is vital to maintaining the KevinMD platform. Joseph Hinson and his team are knowledgeable, responsive, and approachable. They are able to address specific, custom requests and solve any platform issue with superior results. I consider Out:think to be an essential part of KevinMD's success.

Kevin Pho

Blogger KevinMD.com

With most web partners, you've got to settle for 1 or 2 of the following 3 talents: design skill, coding prowess, and business savvy. Out:think is the first partner we've had that hits the trifecta. We love working with them.

Dan Heath

New York Times best selling authors of The Power of Moments, Decisive, Switch, and Made to Stick.

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