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Your Message is Our Mission. We've helped hundreds of clients grow their following, sell more books, and make money doing what they love.

Book Launch Planning & Consulting

We've helped New York Times Bestselling authors launch their books to #1.

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We activate your tribe for maximum success.

In 2012, we planned the launch of Daniel Pink's To Sell Is Human using our founding principles of the connection system. In December, the book launched to number 1 on the New York Times bestsellers list. Though we were on a high when that happened, we proved again that our methods were not a fluke when in March of 2013, we had another immediate success with the Heath Brothers' launch of Decisive.

These weren't isolated cases. We help our clients develop a plan to activate their tribe for maximum success when launching their books. In fact, we've since launched both the Heath Brothers & Dan Pink to the bestsellers list since then.

<em>Actual email from Dan Pink</em>
Actual email from Dan Pink

Web Platform Design And Build


We've worked for 15 years building over 200 websites for authors. All of that experience has enabled us to develop a tried and true philosophy for building platforms. We call it, the connection system. We follow this process to build the foundation for a solid platform for our clients. Simply put, this process will allow you to build your own connections system, a marketing system to engage your fans and followers for long-term growth and success.

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Their ideas were fresh, the people were direct, they understood the power of the new book, and showed a total commitment to the project. They really took the time to figure out a visual approach from what we were trying to convey. I continue to think they do superb work. My book and I are very happy.

Peter Georgescu

Speaker and author of Capitalists Arise

Product Development

In addition to our web platform development services, we also work with some of our clients to extend their intellectual property into info products.

Case Study: Nicole Hunn - Gluten Free On a Shoestring

We started working with Nicole Hunn in 2015. She is the author of several Gluten Free Cook Books and wanted help using her email list to sell her books. After two Amazon best-selling launches, we then started focusing on developing courses around her material. We successfully created and launched two info products that can be seen on her training website,, which was designed and built by Out:think.


I recommend Out:think's services without hesitation. They are skilled coders, online marketers, writers and designers, all wrapped up in one package. They are endlessly curious, and their integrity is beyond question. Whatever you want to do, and however you want to promote it, they can help you get there better, faster and smarter.

Nicole Hunn

Gluten-Free Blogger and Cookbook Author

Additional Service Offerings

We are always at work helping our clients. Below are additional ways we continue to support author platforms.

One-to-One Consulting

We offer our consulting as an hourly rate option for clients who don't want to engage in a full project or monthly engagement, but would like to get some advice on how to leverage or grow their platform.

Maintenance Packages

At the end of site builds, many clients request that we keep their website up to date. Our maintenance packages include the hosting, updating, malware scanning and remote backups of our clients' websites.

Ongoing Services Retainer

Maybe you already have a web platform, an email list, and you need someone who understands what you're doing. We help a select number of clients implement new strategies to engage their audience and enhance their platform.

Quiz / Assessment Development

For many of our non-fiction clients, we develop assessments that can be used as sharable resources and lead-generation sources.

Marketing Content Development

From the key ideas in your book, we formulate content assets for you to share widely and freely during your book launch and beyond.

Preorder Campaign Development

When pushing for preorders, an author needs to promise a bonus to early buyers and follow up on this promise. We specialize in optimizing this process.

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