Our Philosophy

You've got a message. You're trying to get your work out there. But you don't know where to start, or what to do next. Beyond that, you don't know what works, and what doesn't.

Introducing the Connection System

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    Your message, Your Voice, Your Brand. This is who you are.

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    Getting your message in front of others. Anyone going from not knowing you to knowing you.

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    Growing a following of people who have opted in to your message.

The Connection System was created by our founder, Tim Grahl. To find out more, read Your First 1000 Copies
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    Sell More Books

    Ethically, Honestly, With Heart. You Sell your books.
    Because what you do matters.

    You're entertaining, enlightening, helping people to think differently, to daydream differently.

You might be wondering how we do this.

The connection system makes sense right? You use your content to get in front of people, gain permission, build relationships, then you sell your book. But how?

There's no secret sauce. Only passion and experience - so here's what we're passionate about:

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    Build Your Following

    In the world of ideas, your network is your highest value asset. Building an engaged following makes all the difference for launching your book or product.

    We implement tactics that work.

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    Engage with Your Readers

    Every marketing endeaver has 3 goals. Get people to 1. Know you, 2. Like You and 3. Trust You enough to buy your product. 

    We guide our clients through the process of what it looks like to have a meaningful engagement with readers.

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    Build Value and Crush Obscurity

    For anyone to steal your ideas and succeed, they have to work thrice as hard as you, without the knowhow. There is a myth that says you don't want to give away your content because no one would buy from you, but that's not true anymore. Create Value, Be Helpful, Share Widely and Freely -- and CRUSH obscurity.

    We help authors identify helpful content and deliver it to their followers.

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    Activate Your Tribe

    You've built a following, honed your message, overcome obscurity and engaged with your readers. Now your book is done and it's time to sell. You have a group of fans that have opted in to what you have to say, and are ready and willing to buy your book. We help activate your fan base, create bonuses and sell your book.

    We develop a comprehensive marketing plan to launch your book to the highest degree of success possible.

How do we know this works?

We've worked with hundreds of authors implementing the connection system to build their tribe and launch their books and products.