How to Use Amazon Affiliate Link IDs To Track Your Sales Efforts


In this video, I walk through how to use Amazon Affiliate tracking links to track sales from a campaign. We use these when working on book launch campaigns and make sure to share this link with all our partners so that we can track clicks and purchases directly connected with our marketing efforts.

Pro Tip: Keep things in one place like a Google doc or Notion document when working in a team so that everyone is using the right links.


[00:00:00] Hello everyone. I am Joseph Hinson, president of Outthink Group, a firm that helps authors market their books. And today we are gonna be talking about Amazon affiliate links and how to use them effectively. The Amazon affiliate program is designed so that just regular users of Amazon can create an account, start sharing things, start getting people to click on Amazon products, and they track if anyone purchases a product with that link. So what’s useful though for book marketing is to know who clicked what link. Now what I’m gonna show you how to do today is um, I’m not gonna show you how to set up an Amazon affiliate account. You’ll have to do that yourself. It’s very simple. Just Google real quick and it doesn’t take long to do.

But what I’m gonna show you how to do is how to set up your Amazon. Affiliate, um, tagging your Amazon affiliate tags. All right, so it’s pretty simple, but let’s get started. So here I have up and I’m actually gonna bring this a little bit smaller, so that’s not so, uh, big. So, [00:01:00] um, I have up here and you can see the site Stripe will will be on the top of every page once you have your Amazon affiliate account, created.

And you can click here and get a text link once you’ve set up your store and your tracking. . Now you can see that it’s going to give me store ID and tracking id. I have a bunch of tracking IDs and Ds in here, but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna create a new tracking ID to do that. It’s very easy. All I need to do is click on this Amazon Associates site, Stripe, Stripe here.

But you could also go to affiliate. Dash home. So then I’m gonna hover over my account name here and I’m gonna click on manager tracking IDs. Now note, this is not gonna get you a lot of money at all, but it will help to, to, to be able to track some things. So what I’m gonna do is next is click add tracking id.

And so I’m gonna add a tracking id for this campaign that I’m working on. This one is for the web MW Web. All right. And I’m gonna click create. So now I click [00:02:00] close. I’m gonna make another one that is gonna be Mws Os, or sorry, MWS os. And that’s for social. Okay, so now I have one for web, I have one for social, and then I’m gonna create another one that’s gonna be, um, mw, um, email.

and that’s gonna be for links. People click from the, the, the email and then they land on the page. And maybe there’s a promotion that I have. One thing to note is that you have to disclose that you’re using Amazon affiliate links and you’re not allowed to send them directly via email. So you actually have to have them have a secondary link that they click.

So you can say,” Hey, buy the book. It’s really great.” And then they click to the, the landing page of the book, and then you could have that email link there. But for the purposes of tracking, what we’re trying to do is see how many people find it naturally on the web and how many people will share that link.

[00:03:00] So then what you’re gonna go to the book, let’s say The Power of Regret, which is a, uh, which is, uh, Dan Pink’s book. If I wanted to do, um, a, a link with this, I would click, uh, text and then I would change my tracking ID to be, to use the one that I want to use. Um, and so what I want to do is, Choose the one I just created.

It’s gonna be for web and click get link and it will create this shortened link. You can also choose full link if you wanna see what the link, like what it includes. There are a bunch of, uh, this, this really long link has a bunch of stuff that’s telling Amazon, like, um, they searched and on the second page they click, they click to the third item and all this stuff.

So it’s really just tracking information for Amazon. Um, so the short link is totally fine. And so, uh, what I often like to do is I will copy that. Okay, and I will put it in a document or some place, some central place so that whenever I link on the web, I use that specific link, and everyone who’s who’s working [00:04:00] on the campaign can use that specific link if it pertains to something on the web so that we know how our web efforts are doing versus how our social efforts are doing versus how our email efforts are doing, et cetera.

It is a very helpful. To track Now, it doesn’t. It doesn’t track. It only tracks Amazon. The reason I use this for Amazon is because it also tracks sales. So I can actually tell how many clicks to how many sales. It’s always important if you can gather data to know what’s working, what’s not. Thanks for watching.

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