Hugh Howey teaches the antidote for delusion and disappointment.

It is my great honor and pleasure to present to you this interview where I sat down with Hugh Howey, author of so many wonderful books, but most well-known for Wool. Hugh’s story is not unlike Andy Weir from my last video, but I think you’ll find the advice he provides to authors to be superb. Among these pearls of wisdom:

“Work hard and focus on what you can control. Assume nothing will get made. Be delighted when it does.”

That’s paraphrasing the gist of our conversation, and his thread On Adapting Novels to Screen.

Hugh’s Silo book series is has been made into a TV Series and is now available on AppleTV.

In this 30 minute conversation, Hugh provides us with some incredible advice on writing and shares his perspective on all of it.

Books Hugh mentioned:

Hugh’s Writing Advice:

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